Best in California
by the California Landscape Contractor's Association
Trophy Awards

1998 - First Place
Monsees Residence
Small Residencial Installation
(Japanese Scroll Garden)

1999 - Achievement
Hackbarth Residence
Small Residential Installation II
(Stucco seating wall, Bar-b-que, Waterfall)

2003 - First Place
Antelope SDA Church
(Wedding Courtyard, Fountain)

Best in Sacramento Valley
by the California Landscape Contractor's Association
Beautification Awards

1999 - Judges Award
Alexander Residence
All Categories
(Block Walls, Masonry, Hardscape, Fountains)

1999 - First Place
Costello Residence
Medium Residential Installation
(Waterfall, Koi pond, Goldfish pond)

1999 - Achievement Award
Hogg Residence
Large Renovation
(Hardscape, Waterfall)

1999 - Achievement Award
Alexander Residence
Small Residential Installation
(Low-Voltage Lighting Effect)

2000 - First Place
Tanaka Residence
Landscape Lighting
(Japanese Garden)

2000 - Achievement Award
Andersen Residence
("Trenchless" Pipe Installation)

2000 - Achievement Award
Monsees Residence
Landscape Lighting
(Low-Voltage Lighting Effect)
(third award for this project)

2001 - Judges Award
Carlson Residence
All Categories
(Beautiful Hardscape, Deck, Waterfall)

2001 - First Place
Maty Residence
Medium Residential Installation
(Deck, Waterfall)

2002 - Achievement Award
Pais Residence
Residential Estate Unlimited
(Hardscape, Lucious Plants)

2004 - First Place
Antelope SDA Church
(Wedding Courtyard, Fountain)

2007 - First Place
Shalz Residence
Residential Estate I
Waterfall, Mortared Stone Walkways

2008 - First Place
Mehren/Smith Residence
Special Effects
Mirrored Moon Gate, Bamboo Fencing
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Patio Living - This is what outdoor lifestyles are all about!This is a contemporary barbeque island with cement counter top, natural stone masonry and matching fire pit in the background.  Let's party!What charm small places might have!     The "Carlson Garden."  
A large modern living space across three levels utilizes what originally was a steep drop-off.The Carlson family enjoys the uniqueness of the outdoor living design.An "old world" feel complements a Mediteranean design.  Many citrus trees abound in this yard!Quillen offers stained, tinted or textured cement in contemporary styles.It's all about living space as family members and friends might gather around the barbeque or the fire pit and seating wall. Perhaps they'll attempt the putting green, or stroll to the deck under the grand oak tree.the "Pais Garden"
It's Ready to Enjoy!Quillen isn't content with plain  and ordinary in any thing we build.  We like going that extra step!
The landscape pallet is across three dimensions, not just one flat plane.The "Pais Garden" patio cover features architectural styling.This barbeque island with its many features blends with its surroundings.This patio is an inviting place to spend time. Its cover is maintenance free and the attractive trellis was made from scratch.This barbeque matches  the house and looks built in.
Stylish Barbeques & Patio Covers
There is one copper water fountain like this in the world!  It is an Andrew Simpson original that exists in the Pais' garden.To be "just right" this copper fountain was handmade by Andrew Simpson.This oriental style water basin  harmonizes with the beauty of nature.While masking street noises, this Mediterranean-style garden water feature is  captivating accompaniment to Outdoor Lifestyles.This wall fountain provides a place to congregate on a patio suitable for "entertaining lifestyles."         This is Art                          in Three Dimensions!       Architectural elements            stylishly arranged form                 the fountain in this                   "Wedding Courtyard."               "Floating Step"
 The Mehren/Smith residence was awarded "First Place" in "Special Effects" category.The Van Emple's backyard garden has a soft and pleasant ambience.        If the space is small,          
           why not make it                             CHARMING?
Custom Patios & Decks
Our Work is Handcrafted and Personally Supervised by Company Owners!
Unique Fountains & Artwork
This waterfall tumbles along three levels of the Carlson family decks and patios.The waterfall cascade is reminiscient of our natural parks!A Sierra boulders waterfall is a natural for our locale.This is a "pondless" waterfall.The stream feeds a Koi pond in one direction and a goldfish pond in the opposite direction.Serene and tranquill best describe the "fung-shei" of Quillen oriental style gardens.  A nice place to relax after a hectic day!Imagine this view from the master bedroom, entry way, great room and dining room of your house, as the Costello family does!The downstream view from a waterfall to a lily-pond at the Lee residence.This custom built fountain is a popular  backdrop for wedding vows.Quillen Waterscapes 'belong'  with their surroundings.
Realistic Waterfalls & Streambeds
Small jobs can have dramatic effects.  Quillen built this brick planter and transformed the entryway.Brick is a timeless element.  Quillen took the existing facia of the house and created a warm inviting entrance to this residence.Instead of a sloping plain front yard, Quillen extended the architecture of the house to the street.What a stunning difference this courtyard entryway makes for the Mehren/Smith family!A textured pathway leads past native, drought tolerant plantings to the front door of this Roseville home.This is the Joe Waggy residence as Quillen begins work.  It was plain grass to the street, where it culminated in a two foot dropoff.             "Stage two."
 Originally the only entryway was a narrow cement walk leading from the  driveway to the front door.       The "Makeover! "
Nearly complete, how much value and curb appeal this remodel has added to the Waggy family estate.This was considered unusable space at the Alexander residence  - until Quillen! Judges for CLCA awarded "Judges Award" - best in all categories. Linda Quillen is standing on the sun deck.This used to be a one dimensional, plain grass front yard at the Victor Pais residence.Originally the entryway was a simple narrow concrete path from the top of the driveway to the front door.Added value and curb appeal are the results of Quillen designs and makeovers!
Dynamic Entryways
Plant variety, color and texture define 'softscape' in the Van Emple's front yard garden.A warm inviting view from the street of the Van Emple residence in Sun City - Lincoln, CAStrolling pedestrians love to pause and bask in the ambience of the Van Emple street-side garden!The rear garden of the Van Emple's is lush and pleasing.Raised garden boxes make growing edible gardens pleasant and easy.Monty Monsees has titled his oriental style garden 'Elegant Simplicity.'The views from Monty Monsees' home into the Quillen planned garden are "Japanese scroll-like."This natural stone pathway meanders around the Shalz estate providing exquisite views at each turn.Quillen designs plantscapes for all seasons.Quillen designs plantscapes that look great when newly planted and grow better with age!
Lush Plantings & Pathways
The "Monty Monsees Garden."
It is an oriental style "Scroll Garden."  It is an award winner in three categories.
Although small, the garden's peace and tranquility trancend city hustle and bustle.
     The "Hackbarth Garden"
Jim Hackbarth enjoys entertaining on his patio bordered with a stucco seating wall - a focal point is the Quillen custom waterfall.
The "SDA Church Courtyard"
Where a barren pit was tranformed into an elegant wedding court for church members.The courtyard features a unique fountain element hand constructed by Quillen.
It is a favored place for church members to gather.
The " Alexander Garden"
Originally bare earth surrounded with "prison-like" cement walls, Quillen softened the look adding brick caps to the walls - and then placing a unique copper waterfall inspiration.The creative upper terrace  is especially appreciated by the Alexander family.
Andrew Simpson of Quillen Enterprises has been practicing state-of -the-art irrigation installations since the 1970's.
         "The Pais Garden"
The children play more on the Quillen-crafted play area border than the play structure.This garden is beautfull during all four seasons. Spring's blossoms are shown here.
The "Anne Mehren/Smith Garden" special effects delight the 'artiste' residing within our souls.The moon gate beckons one to explore further, seemingly the artistic elements of the garden continue ad-infinitum.
       The "Maty Garden."
It's many features compliment the family's outdoor lifestyle.
        "Night Lighting."
While extending the garden enjoyment, the artist "paints" the scene with light!
Creating Outdoor Lifestyles!
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